Megan Fox Wore an Oversize Button-Down as a Dress

If you still think button-down shirts are only for the office, allow Megan Fox to change your mind once and for all. She chose a long Versace shirt with a baggy fit and wore it as a dress. Who needs pants anyway? She styled it to perfection with a boldly striped cardigan, also by Versace, which she buttoned all the way up to give her waist some definition. 

If you don’t want to go out in public sans pants, this same outfit would still look super chic with skinny jeans. Alternatively, you could try out the trend as a swimsuit cover-up for the beach or pool. And I won’t blame you if you pull a Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Scroll down to see Megan Fox’s newest outfit, and shop similar pieces to re-create the look. 

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Reformation Just Launched New Shoes—Here Are the Top 5 Pairs

Since I’m a devoted jeans-and-tee kind of gal, I’m always looking for ways to jazz up my simple outfits. Obviously, that frequently includes buying new shoes to liven up my wardrobe. Enter Reformation’s hot-off-the-press launch. The cult brand just debuted a collection of new shoes for summer, and I’m a bit overwhelmed at how many pairs I’ve added to my cart.

Plus, the shoes have all the sustainable elements you’ve come to expect from Reformation. “On average, a pair of Ref Shoes emits 37% less carbon dioxide, uses 58% less water, and results in 100% less waste compared to conventional footwear,” the press release reads. 

The new collection includes something for everyone. There are several easy-to-wear flat styles, including sweet Mary Janes, sleek flip-flops, and pretty printed slides. I also love the block-heel selections, which include thong sandals and ruched styles. But who wants to read about shoes when they can look at them instead? Scroll down to shop Reformation’s new shoes. 

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French Lingerie Every Parisian Owns

If you want to tap into just what makes French girls, well, French, you could start with their lingerie drawers. Inside, you’ll find evidence of their easy attitude and effortlessness—that undeniable je ne sais quoi that makes them so cool. Interested to find out more about their unique take on lingerie, we chatted with four French girls about the pieces they buy and how they wear them.

For Parisians, lingerie isn’t an afterthought. It lays the foundation of a look and is as essential to their outfits as the right pair of shoes. Pieces aren’t overtly “sexy.” Instead, they have a subtle hint of sensuality. Subtlety is really the key here. You won’t find push-up bras or padded pieces. Instead, Parisians focus on finding bras and underwear in flattering silhouettes that look good underneath their clothes or even as part of the outfit. A blazer or button-down shirt might be intentionally unbuttoned to show a small glimpse of a lace bra underneath.

What it really comes down to, though, is banking on the attitude of being ready for wherever the day might take you and feeling your best. As French model Clémentine Desseaux puts it, “We love to be comfortable but always cute, in case someone ends up seeing our undies, and also, really, just to feel sexy and confident.”

Go on to see the three pieces every Parisian has in her lingerie drawer, and then shop the items real French girls wear.

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