The 16 Best Liquid Lotions to Try for Softer Skin

Hot take: Skincare is confusing. As appealing as it might seem to adhere to a simple routine comprised of only the basics, it’s also been well established that the otherworldly dewy and glowy skin many of us are chasing requires some bells and whistles beyond just cleanser and sunscreen. On the other side of a more pared-back skincare approach, there’s a whole world of products from serums to eye creams, and some slightly more mystifying options like essences and ampoules to get the job done. Among said perplexing options is another elixir that’s recently been blowing my mind (and making my skin so soft), known as liquid lotion. 

While lotion isn’t a new concept by any means, it’s the recently nuanced use of the term lotion in the western skincare realm that’s left some room for questions. Stateside, this word has historically been used to describe a lightweight cream in both the face and body categories, characterized by its moisturizing or otherwise humectant properties. Picking up a bottle of lotion almost always meant you’d be pressing down on a pump or squeezing a tube to dispense a gel-like swirl of a smooth, spreadable emollient.

Thanks to the ever-growing appreciation for Asian beauty rituals—especially the involved routines from Korea and Japan—our understanding of what a product labeled as a lotion could be has evolved to include milky, near-liquid, and liquid formulas meant to be patted into the skin to deliver not only intense hydration but sometimes active ingredients, too.

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7 Chic Silver Heels and How to Style Them

Yep, silver heels are about to make a comeback in a major way. There’s no denying that sneakers, sandals, and other comfy shoe styles have become the tried-and-true heroes of the season (and the year, for that matter). But with the potential for more opportunities to get more dressed up over the coming months, there’s a chance that you’re ready to swap out your daily kicks for something with a little oomph. And when you are, that trusty pair of silver heels could be a perfect choice.

Fashion girls have embraced this silhouette in past seasons and will probably continue in the future given the chic and statement-making nature of the style. To showcase how people have styled silver heels, we scrolled through the feeds of some of our favorite follows to uncover primo inspo. 

Keep scrolling for more, along with shopping recommendations as well.

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7 Ways My Style Changed When I Moved From L.A. to NYC

When I moved from L.A. to New York last spring, there were some pretty obvious changes I was anticipating—the icy polar-vortex level winter storms, for one, and things like my work and social lives. Other things, though, were a bit more unexpected: a global pandemic descending on week two of living in NYC and no less surprising, my own wardrobe. Okay, so I could have predicted the latter would change, but after several years as one of Who What Wear’s resident editors already under my belt, how much could my wardrobe really change? It turns out, quite a bit.

Pandemic or not, life in NYC is just too specific to simply copy and paste everything I was used to wearing on the West Coast. Little did I know that a year later, I’d be retiring and prioritizing plenty of style staples in order to adjust to city living. Keep reading to see the seven biggest style differences I noticed.

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